Michele’s Biography


Actor & Host – Commercial, Film, Television and Stage


Born in Trenton, NJ and raised all around the Sunshine State from Ocala to Gainesville to South Florida, Michele was practically born on the stage. At the age of 2 her proximity to an in home dance studio led her into the world of dance prior to learning to run! Michele excelled in the dance arts, particularly ballet, where she studied under renowned instructor Mary Papa and her daughter, Phyllis Papa, who was the first American to dance in the Royal Danish Ballet and who performed many a pas de deux at our dance recitals with Peter Martins, Ballet Master in Chief of the New York City Ballet. At the age of 12 Michele was in line to join the apprentice company of the Princeton Ballet, but alas life had other plans and her family relocated to rural Lady Lake Florida. Despite the reduced opportunity for advanced instruction, Michele’s mother always managed to find the best instruction to allow Michele to continue her passion in dance. Michele was a member of the Marion Performing Ballet in Ocala, FL and at the age of 16 was informed by her private coach, Phyllis Berman, that only a relocation to the heart of the dance world, NYC, would allow for any growth to continue. Well, my mother certainly wasn’t going to let a 16 year old move to NYC so change of plans! Michele spent the next 10 years pursuing a doctoral degree in Social Welfare.

During that time Michele used her dance training and LOVE of the stage and spotlight to fund her living expenses through swimsuit competitions throughout the country. Her titles include Ms. Hawaiian Tropic of Clearwater and Ms. Hawaiian Tropic National Finalist, Ms. Fitness America National Finalist, Ms. Supercross, Ms. ABC Liquors Calendar Girl, Homemade Bikini Contest National Finalist, and countless other titles which resulted in prizes including 2 cars (one a corvette!), boats, trips, and lots and lots of cash! Michele continued to dabble in acting and modeling landing a SAG commercial on her very first audition.

Michele worked as a Social Worker at an alternative school for at risk students and taught at FIU in the school of Social Work for 7 years, HOWEVER the stage bug never left and Michele’s unwaivering still small voice (which was becoming louder by the day) had her explore the possibility of returning to stage and screen, so she began taking a few acting workshops here and there, signed up with a couple of local talent agencies, and began booking commercials almost immediately.

Michele has always managed to juggle several roles at once, living in the mantra that “if you need something done, ask a busy person to do it,” so she manages to be mother to 2 incredible little boys, wife to the ever effervescent Tommy Knapp, and an integral part of the Campins Company Realty team, all the while performing at every opportunity.

Michele has been cast in the leading role of 3 of the 4 plays she has performed in, including the magnificent opportunity to play the incomparable Blanche Dubois in “A Streetcar Named Desire,” by Michele’s favorite playwrite, Tennessee Williams.

Michele has appeared numerous times as an on air Host at HSN and QVC, and has been featured in over 100 commercials locally, regionally, and nationally. She has appeared in several independent films, including the film “Rough Winds,” which garnered worldwide film festival nods and recognition.

Michele’s goals are to continue to explore, expand, and perfect her craft, which is really very simply her home in front of the camera and on the stage. Do what you love and you’ll never work a day in your life! And this is Michele’s love.

So she asks you to hold her vision of a recurring role on one of the wonderful television series which call South Florida their home so she can fulfill her own vision of being a “talented and financially abundant actor working with her family and friends forever by her side.”

Michele thanks her magnificently eclectic group of friends (who sometimes see for her what she can’t see for herself) for making her dreams possible and attainable, and for her beautiful husband and children who fill her soul every day, and make every breath worthwhile.

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